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Mind blowing story of a group of people  living lives

Evil Time
- Published by "Ukiyoto"

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About The Author

Chack bruno is a disabled author and scriptwriter with a penchant for psychological fiction and war stories. He studied Directing and Screenwriting at the prestigious College of Film and Television. He is now retired but still writes as a hobby while living with his wife and four kids in Israel.

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Chack Bruno

Author & Scriptwriter

Evil Time- Press Release

New Fiction Novel,  2022

Evil Time

Genre: Psychological Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Published : Ukiyoto

The story is about the murder of Isaac Manis and the fallout from the investigation resulting from his death. The plot reveals the  hideous faces of the upright people of the society and the manipulation, scheming and deception faced in the struggle for truth and justice.

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This is a mind-blowing story of a group of people living lives that revolve around manipulations, hate, and scheming.

Seven years old Isaac Menis went missing from his father’s house. After weeks of searching, they found him dead. Murdered! Lieutenant Michael Holmes aka Mickey, a detective specializing in unsolved crimes, was tasked with investigating the case.

The pressure to solve the case and discover the culprit grew by the day. But the investigation was complex, with many factors affecting the case and no lead. The suspect was found to be Joshua Solomon, a mysterious leader of a religious cult with a track record of abusing children. He might be guilty, but Lieutenant-deputy Wally thought there wasn’t much evidence to prove this.As the story progressed, we learn of the complete dysfunctionality of Isaac’s home- his divorced mother and father and their respective new partners. But of all these rather unpleasant figures, it is his father Abraham who surpassed them with extreme bitterness and anger. It would be hard to imagine a character as full of resentment and misogyny as Abraham.

Another character in this hate-fueled group who could have a reason to want Isaac gone is Eve’s boyfriend, Gideon, a gynecologist who see the child as an interfering obstacle to his sex life with Isaac’s mother. No one is beyond suspicion.


As we delve into the book, we find clues that allow us to understand even the most unlikeable characters, such as Abraham who was severely abused by his mother as a child. Joshua who despite his abnormal behavior, seemed to be a decent person. An ominous air pervades this book, re-enforced by sinister references to the Old Testament and Nietzsche.

Eventually, Solomon is charged with the crime. All efforts to clear his name proved abortive. Just when it seemed like they would punish him for it, the terrifying truth is revealed.

The story is told in a series of fast-moving scenes that heighten the tension and carry the reader along to reach a suspenseful conclusion.

The evil TIME is a novel that illustrates a clear picture of a society filled with repulsive, self-indulgent, and ultimately, psychotic characters. It is a book to be recommended to all fans of suspense and thriller books.

This book is perfect for lovers of intrigue, thriller, suspense, and murder mysteries. In this story, I shed light on the darker parts of the society that seem non-existent, hidden behind the masks we show in the world, only rear their heads in the shadows, but are eventually come into public notice. The evil TIME sheds its friendly facade, becoming someone who lives without conscience and guilt to carry out its carefully planned evil deeds.

ISBN: 9781005515874

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