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- Author & Scriptwriter

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About The Author

Itzhak Begerano is a disabled author and scriptwriter with a penchant for psychological fiction and war stories. He studied Directing and Screenwriting at the prestigious College of Film and Television. He is now retired but still writes as a hobby while living with his wife and four kids in Israel.

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Itzhak Begerano

Author & Scriptwriter

My Books

New Release

Evil Time - A Fiction Novel

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

For the first time in his life, police chief- Mikel Holmes encounters a complicated and terrifying affair of a strange murder of a child…!can he solve this misleading case and find the murderer? The story is about the murder of Isaac Manis (the child)and the scary investigation resulting from his death. The plot reveals the hideous faces of the upright people of the society and the manipulation, scheming, and deception faced in the struggle for truth and justice.

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New Release

Impossible Escalation - A Fiction Novel

Genre: Comedy, Contemporary, Political Satire-Humor, Graphic Novel/Comics

Bizarre politicians are dragging the world into a hallucinatory war! It is a story of unscrupulous politicians dragging the world through unnecessary bloodshed and wars to achieve their selfish ambitions. This is a mad story of two presidents with big dreams of ruling the world by themselves. They must resort to unsavory means of deceit, bribery, and corruption to achieve their goals.

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Clips Of My Digital Designer.

Impossible Escalation Clip

Evil Time Clip

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